Janet Gibbons MSTAT

Alexander Technique ~ Crowborough, East Sussex

What happens in a Lesson

Your teacher will guide you through simple movements and everyday activities such as sitting, standing, walking or bending, communicating through skilful hands-on guidance and verbal explanation to help you move more freely and easily.

Gradually you learn how to recognise and change long-standing habits that cause unnecessary tension; and then apply your new understanding to everyday activities and more complex ones, to bring awareness and poise into everything you do.

A lesson will also include a short period of lying down in the classic Alexander Technique semi-supine position which allows maximum support for the back to relax and expand.

Just like riding a bike, once learned, the Technique stays with you for life!

Alexander Technique Lessons in Chiswick, West London
Alexander Technique Lessons in Chiswick, West London

Who can benefit from the Technique?

Whatever your age, ability or state of health, the Technique can help you re-discover freedom and ease in movement, making you feel lighter, taller and more aware of your posture, balance and physical co-ordination.

How many lessons?

Your progress and particular needs and goals will determine the number of lessons you decide to take. Many people notice benefits from the very first lesson. A series of 10 to 20 lessons is a good foundation to set you on your way to using the Technique yourself in everyday life.

Lesson Prices

Taster lesson £30
Individual lesson £40
Pre-pay for 5 lessons £185
Pre-pay for 10 lessons £350